Texas set to execute a man that suffers from mental illness


It’s disappointing that this story has not more media attention until very recently. Maybe it’s because he was permitted to represent himself, that he wasn’t able to have a proper defense. However, the attempts to subpoena Jesus and JFK should have raised some questions. If that was’t enough, being hospitalized 12-times over a 6 year period, due to his schizophrenia diagnosis should have been considered at sentencing. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since Texas executed a man with an IQ below 70 . Scott Panetti is scheduled to die today, by lethal injection, for killing his in-laws. It’s stories like this that make me push for increased awareness about mental illness. Below are links to articles about the case, as well as a link the the Change.org petition.

Conservatives Pushback on Scott Panetti Execution (video)

Texas Plans to Execute a Schizophrenic Man Who Tried to Subpoena Jesus

Scott Panetti Death Penalty Update: Texas Prepares To Execute Mentally Ill Man

#SaveScott. Sign the petition.

**UPDATE**With just under 12 hours before  Scott Panetti was to be executed by the state of Texas, an appeals court issued a stay Wednesday morning,  click here to read the full update .

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