Mental Health Workers vs. Kaiser Permanente


Mental Health care workers at Kaiser Permanente hospitals in California are on strike this week. Why? According to The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), Kaiser does not properly staff their hospitals to provide the care patients need. There are reports of many patients not being able to get follow up appointments for months. Anyone with a mental illness or that needs treatment knows that delays in treatment puts recovery, in jeopardy. As a person who has been in therapy, the key for me was the weekly appointments. As a person who has a loved one with a serious mental illness, it is necessary that she able to see her doctors once a month, minimum. The strike is expected to last one week; it began on Monday January 12, 2015. Read more from the President of NUHW on why workers are striking here.

Kaiser Permanente is not-for-profit and has one of the country’s largest health care plans. There are 9.5 million members, and they have headquarters in Oakland, CA. This is not the first time the waiting periods for appointments has been brought to light, Read More