@KrisNichole Celebrates Her Life Anniversary!

The Pain.   God Saving Me.  Me walking to become the me GOD had planned

When you first look at these pictures of  Kris you may see a beautiful young Black woman.  In speaking to Kris, you will sense she is sweet, intelligent and kind.  What you won’t see are the scars that are healing, from several suicide attempts. (Yes there were several)  Kris had been diagnosed with depression, sever panic attacks and anxiety.  She has been admitted to what she refers to as a “Psych Prison.” Dealing with all of the things that life can throw at us is difficult.  Dealing with all of these things while suffering in silence with mental illness can take a toll on even the strongest person. On August 11, 2011 there was another suicide attempt, however after this one Kris made a decision to fight and fight Read More

Kevin Breel Speaks about Depression #NSPW

Would you rather make your next Facebook status:

I’m having a tough time getting out of bed because I hurt my back.” OR “I’m having a tough time getting out of bed because I am depressed.”

That quote is one of  the most powerful questions asked by Kevin Breel during an inspiring talk for TEDxYouthTalk.  During the talk, he discusses being depressed and his struggles with suicidal thoughts. The question is a powerful one!  It a perfect example of the stigma associated with mental illness.  To add to Kevin’s question, I ask what would be your thoughts if your best friends Facebook status was  “I’m having a tough time getting out of bed because I am depressed.”? Your answer to that question reveals how you feel about mental illness.  Would you question their claims of a hurt back or offer up a “Feel better soon!” reply?  It’s time to really consider how we view mental illness.  Check out the video below and share your  thoughts, so we can begin to Speak Away the Stigma!

Trauma & Our Children


This 6-year old’s death may have been a suicide.

 Kendrea Johnson, age 6, was found with a jump rope around her neck and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.  It’s reported that young Kendrea Johnson and her younger brother were taken away from their mother and placed in foster care in December 2013 or  January 2014. Records indicate she began acting out, and her mental health became a concern.  The Star Tribune reports that Kendra “..told her court-appointed child advocate that she wanted to be back with her family.”  A young child being taken away from her family and forced to live with strangers can be a traumatic experience. While many of us are aware that children can suffer from mental illness, how many of us think about the mental health of our young children?

There are reports that two notes were found near her.  One note read: “I’m sorry.”  A second note read: “I’m sad for what I do.”  Is it possible Kendrea felt it was her fault that she and her brother were taken from her mother? Read More